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Two Parties One Gives One Takes

Because they are a group of diverse individuals motivated by empathy and concern for their FELLOW MAN in sharp contrast to Republicans who are primarily motivated by COMPETITION & Survival of the Fittest with PROFITS as their bottom line.

Democrats support the working man and woman, the UNIONS versus the CORPORATIONS.

We can thank them for the 8-hour workday and 5-day workweek and overtime pay.

We can thank them for the abolition of Child Labor and Safe and Healthy Workplaces.


ENDANGERED SPECIES – Little fish and huge Whales Large birds of prey Bald Eagle and tiny birds, wolves, bears, cougars all part of huge ecosystems we all depend on.

They protect consumers from predatory loans -payday loans and car title loans, the only access to cash for the most vulnerable among us, and Credit Card charges that bankrupt individuals who may not be vulnerable, but still unaware of the small print on their agreements.

Democrats view Drug Abuse as a DISEASE not a CRIME preferring treatment over incarceration. They support funding local mental health clinics and therapy.


Democrats support CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY – solar wind hydropower

They support WOMENS’ RIGHTS, especially when it comes to their decision to have children… or not. No woman should be forced to have a child unless she wants one.

They support REASONABLE GUN SAFETY RULES to protect the public from dangerous weapons in the hands of dangerous citizens.

And Democrats support PROTECTIONS aka REGULATIONS - Rules that protect the air we breathe, the water we swim in, bath with, and drink. Think Flint Michigan.

And most of all….Democrats believe in BIG GOVERNMENT and are willing to PAY for it with Taxes.

And before you all go “Oh my sweet lord, I’m retired, on a fixed income, I don’t want BIG Government I don’t want to pay more taxes….consider this:

United States Government Agencies (40) Which one's do you choose to eliminate?

1. Aid for International Development

2. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

3. Census Bureau

4. Center for Disease Control and Prevention

5. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

6. Consumer Product Safety Commission

7. Customs and Border Patrol

8. Department of Agriculture

9. Department of Energy

10. Department of Commerce

11. Department of Defense

12. Department of the Interior

13. Department of Justice

14. Department of State

15. Department of Transportation

16. Department of the Treasury

17. Environmental Protection Agency

18. Federal Bureau of Investigation

19. Federal Communications Commission

20. Federal Emergency Management Agency

21. Federal Reserve

22. Federal Trade Commission

23. Fish and Wildlife

24. Geological Survey

25. Health and Human Services

26. Homeland Security

27. Housing and Urban Development

28. Internal Revenue Service

29. Labor Relations

30. Labor Statistics

31. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

32. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

33. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

34. National Science Foundation

35. National Weather Service

36. Occupational Safety and Health Agency

37. Postal Service

38. Security and Exchange Commission

39. Small Business Administration

40. Social Security

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