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Virginia & Clarence Pillow Talk

Tunnel Light

For every person who claims they see the light at the end of the tunnel as a way of expressing their hopes, their optimism that their long journey in darkness will soon come to an end, there’s a bunch more who claim that light may very well be the train barreling down the tracks towards them. Anyone who knows me understands that I ascribe to the sunlight scenario, and prepare for the train event by getting ready to stand off the tracks, back to the wall, waiting for the train to pass.

Having said all this, I joined the throngs of citizens whose backs were quite literally “up against the wall” for the four years of the Trump Administration, one that mimics the lingering aroma of excrement long after the perpetrator has vacated the bathroom after filling the bowl to the brim.

Joe Biden is our duly elected President and despite 50% of the United States Senate supporting the “Big Lie”, and remaining on the sidelines when a vicious mob attacked the seat of Democracy on January 6th - another day that will live in infamy- now supporting a “Quiet Coup” by placing their heads deeply in the muck when not one but two impeachment trials were run against the former defeated President, and now sponsoring legislation to make it harder for some people to vote, and stacking the deck such that they can’t lose…even when they clearly do.

But here’s the thing; despite the appearance of “stacking the decks” of the Supreme Court, even his picks know when too much is too much and ruled 8 to 1 (what is the matter with Clarence anyway?*) to allow Presidential Papers to be examined by the House Committee on January 6th. In just a few short days revelation after revelation has been shared with the American Public as most of us on the other side of the equation mutter, “I knew it…I just knew it.”

So…give it a little time and the facts will begin to line up, to describe a narrative that even the most loyal fan of the former defeated President cannot ignore, and even if they do, the wheels of justice will certainly not abide. Add to the mix SDNY’s investigation about insurance, tax, and bank fraud; Georgia’s 11,780 reasons to indict on election fraud, and sooner if not later allegations of sexual assault and more hauling the predator’s hind quarters to a courtroom near you. Echoes of , “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…” ringing in his rosy red ears.

*Looks like we discovered the reason Clarence was the lone man out with the papers from the National Archive being delivered to the January 6th Commission; his wife Virginia, a far right activist who thinks all good Democrats need to be tried and sent to Guantanamo has had some My Pillow talk with Clarence since HER NAME was included in those papers, specifically her text messages to Mark Meadows, Trump’s Chief of Staff on the sixth of January 2021 about “Releasing the Kracken” on Mike Pence and the rest of the legislators trying to certify the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President. Wonder if he shares her views?

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