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When I retired in 2012 I had the time to finish my first book, No Good Deed, that was a work in progress that cried out for completion.  After a visit to Newtown, Connecticut after the tragedy, I came away so inspired, I wrote a children's book, Newtown's Trees to help the town and others heal.  More recently I have explored writing a semi-autobiographical novel.  One More Silver Dollar - Love Stories. If you liked my first two books, you will love this one. 

One More Silver Dollar
Love Stories

ISBN 978-1-62217-558-1​

One More Silver Dollar-Love Stories, is a story about a man turning fifty who realizes that with half his life over he needs to record his cherished memories before they are lost to the mists of time. This leads him to reflect on his career, his family, and his life as a young man, when he was young, handsome and knew many beautiful young women.  He sits down with a ghost writer and unravels the tales of his many love affairs with a host of beautiful, intelligent, and impossibly sexy young women with whom he had relationships.  


The novel traces his life from childhood and the awakening of his sexuality, his loss of virginity at age eighteen and the numerous experiences he had with a host of young women until he met his wife at age 30 and married.  The stories include humorous escapades, frightening encounters, and even tragic circumstances.

No Good Deed
A Father's Journey


This book is a story about a father's journey through the challenges his daughter presented when she became addicted to drugs.  It covers the period of time when he first adopted her at age five when he married her mother, through her early adulthood when she was forced to give up her own daugther as a result of her continued drug use.

Parents of children with addictions, partners in blended families, parents of special needs children, and individuals contemplating legal action need to read this book.

Newtown's Trees


Newtown's Trees is an allegory about the 2012 tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, using the town's beloved trees cut down by the protagonist as the central theme.  It is a book that can be appreciated on several levels; by adults who know the horrific details of the events that took place on a cold December morning, as well as by children who read the book or have it read to them as a sad story with an uplifting ending that outlines the strength of the human spirit.


The tale has an even wider application to other news stories that portray bad things happening to good people. Newtown's Trees is a book that warms the heart and leaves the reader feeling that despite these often senseless tragedies, there's a lot of good in this world.


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