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Yes Virginia There Is a Sand of Claws

PART TWO Aunt Virginia’s

This is really PART TWO of the tales of mystery and imagination, a day with the Millers, so you can read this one now, even though it took place hours after the PART ONE story At the Hospital, or you can read THAT one first, then read this one or you can CLICK PAST AND NOT READ EITHER ONE. I can hear many of you, "God can Frank"s ramble on with these posts." You be the judge if they are worth your PRECIOUS TIME! If you pass by on the " ...more" you will never know.

We left the hospital in Baltimore and headed to McLean Virginia to spend some time with Coletta's 93-year old Aunt Virginia. She is a grand lady, a ready conversationalist, a joy to be with. I went outside to check out the vegetable gardens one of her renters put in and chatted with her. Virginia lost her husband when he was 49, so she rents out rooms to field agents from the State Department and this young lady who has been with her for 20 years. Unlike Aunt Virginia who is a rabid Republican Cindy is all Democrat. Single 40-something who has a PhD and works at the Law Library at American University. I love talking with her. We got into a conversation between talking about tomatoes, eggplant, and cucumbers . We were standing in the front yard. Now, mind you this is a "plush neighborhood". In fact James Comey used to live in the house next door. "Very nice man," Virginia assured us. We knew that. So Cindy nods her head in the direction of the house across the street. "See that new house over there. Look at the house BEHIND it on the next street. That's William Barr's house. Got two Range Rovers in the driveway. They belong to the Secret Service."

I returned upstairs, we chatted for a while, went out for early dinner at 4:00 at her favorite family restaurant then back to her home in a plush neighborhood. On the way to the restaurant I should note, I mentioned that Cindy had told me that William Barr lived on the next street. Without missing a beat Virginia (who insisted on driving because she hates getting back into her car to find the seat in the wrong position and all her mirrors changed) Virginia swung the wheel to the right to drive up by Bill's place. She stopped in front. I took a photo. Nice place. I had asked Cindy how she knew he lived there, "Well he's been there for five years, but you NEVER see him outside. I looked it up. You can just walk up to his front door, but the Secret Service is never far away." Virginia added that they are, "Always armed, and I watched through my window when James Comey lived next door, they would drive up, check out the area, escort him into the house, return to their black SUV's and throw their guns on the seat next to them." Then she added: When his (James Comey's) wife came home, she pulled up in her station wagon with the groceries and kids and just walked into the house.

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