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Right What You Know


My next big goal in life is to get published, and I don't mean PAYING someone to print one of my books, articles, pieces, etc. I mean they pay ME for my words. Any concerns about not knowing what to write about; minimal. They say, great authors write what they know. My life...anyone who has followed me knows my life is anything but dull, in fact sometimes there's a bit TOO much drama and adventure. Like yesterday. In the midst of the big move-in fiasco, there was a brief interlude I will fill you all in later. It's called, "The Mail Run." And having to post a certified letter/return receipt in my role as President of the Hidden Acres Home Owner's Association. Violate the Covenants we all live by? You will be kindly reminded, then again, then a formal "cease and desist" letter. We just got rid of the last miscreant, now we have another to take his place. Stay tune

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