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Trump Is Just A Sissypants

Donald Trump Sissypants

The head of the Republican Party is acting not like a ten-year-old school boy, but a ten-year-old “sissy pants.” That’s what we used to call other boys who cried or complained or were little “tattle tails,” “Miss Jones, Miss Jones….Billy hit me.” They weren’t “real boys” they were “sissy pants,” boys who cried and carried on like crybabies. “Real boys” could hide their emotions, act tough, take a punch or a hit, and move on, compared to boys who looked like their mommies dressed them with their shiny shoes and neatly pressed shirts and combed hair. “Mambie Pambies” was another name but “sissy pants” was the most frequent moniker. Sissy pants wore their emotions on their sleeves.

And there’s Donald Trump. Born with a silver spoon up his butt, he was raised in opulence and placed on a pedestal like some prized vase. Never got HIS hands dirty, or his clothes. Never had to work at some menial job, no he had every advantage and a little seed money to start his career in real estate. A million bucks worth of seeds. Best schools money could buy and no threat of being asked to defend his country, no he had “bone spurs” in his tiny little feet and couldn’t go in the army. Sissy pants.

Donald grew up feeling he was somehow entitled. To everything. Winning at all costs even if that meant cheating. Don’t like the bill for all those pianos for the Trump Casino? Don’t pay him, then pay the man pennies on the dollar. “Sue me,” his favorite two words other than “You’re fired!” Guy installs hundreds of partitions in your bathrooms in the Trump Palace? Want to save money? Don’t pay the small businessman who trusted you would. “Sue me.” Marry your foreign beauty, then when she fades a bit after giving birth to your three kids….”You’re fired. Don’t like it? Sue me.” Same thing for Wife #2. Marry her, one kid, “Get her outta here.”

I think Donald Trump is not a “real boy” or even a “real man” he is a sissypants!

First off, he doesn’t treat girls (women) very nicely. He beats them up, grabs at them, calls them names, makes fun of them. Why? Because he can (or thinks he can). He is bigger, and stronger and more powerful than they are, so he can be mean to them. He is a bully. He picks on others because he thinks he is stronger than they are, but he really is not. He’s weak. He’s a sissypants. He doesn’t know how to dress. His tie is too wide, and he ties it so it hangs too low (Well below his belt buckle) . What’s he trying to hide? Or make you focus on? (YUK!)

Donald can’t let anything go. He fights back ALL the time even when he should. Should… just let it go. He complains and he fusses, and he whines, and doesn’t keep his emotions to himself, no he squeals and moans and TWEETS his innermost thoughts. And he gets even. Instead of getting busy he gets revenge. On anyone who has “wronged him” somehow. Everyone is afraid of Donald, well SOME people are afraid of him, others just want to throw up when they see him and walk on the other side of the street. They don’t want to play with little Donald, he cheats at games, and he throws sand in the sandbox and takes everybody’s toys. Sometimes he asks to “borrow toys” DON’T LET HIM! He won’t give them back. Don’t play with Donald. He doesn’t play nice, and he’s mean, and he’s a bully. And he’s a big old sissypants.

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