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Who's the Birdbrain?

Bird Brain!

Quick story about a bird brain. So I' m down near the lake siphoning the 30 gallons of water out of my fishing boat and out of the corner of my eye I see what I first thought was a crow. Turned out to be a very dark pigeon. He was only about 20 feet away and did not startle like most birds as I moved around sucking water out of the hose to get the siphon going. Tasty.

I jumped in my truck to head back up to the house only noticing that old Pigeon is still pecking the ground looking for who-knows-what. Seems like he was separated from his flock in the three days of rain, and disoriented. Anyway I went about my business, came out and there he was again having moved up several hundred feet from the lakeshore to the driveway near the house. Feeling sorry for the little fellow, I went inside, crushed up some crackers and grabbed some grass seed (no birdseed being available ) and dumped a pile about ten feet behind him. He quickened his pace and did NOT turn back around. Maybe his sense of smell was impaired or he had a cold. I returned to my duties.

About 25 minutes later I am now behind the house and as you might have suspected, there was old pigeon. Still pecking, looking, seeking. I was ready to head out, but once again, I go back in the house grab some more crackers -Ritz & Saltines this time- put them in a plastic tupperware bowl, and THIS time I put it in FRONT of him. He is making his way along the edge of the driveway near the grass. I jump in my truck and watch. He closes on the bowl....he walks up the bowl...he walks PAST the bowl...and keeps on going. Apparently he is visually impaired as well as nasally. I'm done. Short of throwing a net over him and force feeding him I just left him to find some bugs. Birdbrain!

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