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Convergence: In 2001 Montgomery Ward stores closed but not before I purchased my $3.00 TIMEX Indigo watch. I had to buy a "twistoflex" watchband for it, but that watch was my reliable time keeper for 15 years. Replaced a battery once or twice, until it started runny slow and I retired it. Loved that watch. Press the stem and a little green light not only lit up the face of the timepiece, but the surroundings. Great when you're staying overnight in a strange place and need it to find the door.

I bought another watch at KOHL'S and it served its purpose for a year or more though I never liked the leather band that itched. I was considering buying another "twistoflex" for it when it came up missing. Oh well. But here's where the story gets interesting:

In the early 2000's the "oughts" my mom and dad lived in Port Charlotte Florida and my dad had a watch he relied on. When he died in June of 2003, 14 years ago, my mom kept his watch on the little table in her lanai, a screened porch off their trailer. She kept it there to be her "clock" and to keep my dad close by. Until 2004 when Charlie stopped by.

"Charlie" was the Category 4 hurricane that came up the Gulf and hit the West Coast hard, including Port Charlotte where my mom still lived. Her park lost 380 of the 400 units including hers. The lanai was completely destroyed. When it was safe to return to salvage what was left (not much) she walked around the home she shared with my dad, and when she walked around where the lanai used to be, there in a pile of rubble was my dad's watch. And just like John Cameron Swayze preached, "TIMEX! Takes a licking and keeps on ticking" it was still working. She took it with her.

So here I am 13 years later at my mom's up north in Dunnellon and she says, "Would you like your father's old watch? It might need a battery, but it should still work." She handed me the watch. "You can see there's a nickel glued on the back. Your dad said it was too loose on his wrist and he glued the nickel on back to tighten it up. You can always pry it off." I took the watch and put it on my still empty wrist. The TIMEX Indigo with the twistoflex watchband fit perfectly. My wrist the same size as my dad's. It made be cry...

It needed a new battery so we headed to Walmart for a new one, and Lizabeth in the jewelry department asked me about the nickel. I told her the story and I thanked her. "No thank YOU, that was a great story." And now it's here for you...

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