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We're All Racists

Here's something to think about. Are you racist? Even just a little bit? Here some questions for you:

You all know that many acts of terror have been perpetrated by individuals of the Muslim faith. San Bernadino and The Pulse Nightclub, and Boston, and 9-11 of course.

Q: Did you ever think how THOSE Muslims gave other Muslims a "bad name?" Made things worse for them?

You also know that black on black crime in the inner cities of our country, young black men, shooting and killing other young black men and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire. Same question;

Q: Did you ever think how THOSE Black men gave other Black Americans a "bad name?" Made things worse for other Black Americans?

You also know that the vast majority of serial killers who have killed scores of citizens are white males. John Lee Gacy (The Clown Child Killer), Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Dennis Lynn Rader (The BTK Killer), Albert DeSalvo (The Boston Strangler), Jeffrey Dahmer, Kenneth Bianchi (The Hillside Strangler), Richard Speck (Killed 8 nurses in Chicago)...I could go on....all white males.

Q: Did you ever think how THOSE White Men gave other White Men (and women) a "bad name?" Made things worse for other White men?

If you're honest with I did consider that Muslim Terrorists committing acts of terrors reflected poorly on other Muslims, male and female. Similarly, you like me, have considered that black on black crime, predatory males who are black, reflect poorly on other black men, other African Americans.

Q: Did you ever think: What's all this black lives matter stuff when they're killing each other in the cities? I did. I am being completely honest and I do not consider myself to be a racist. BUT....

I never thought the actions of a few bad apples, serial killers who happened to be WHITE MALES, reflected badly on other white men (or women). They only reflected on themselves and their OWN bad behavior.

Why then did I paint Muslims and African Americans with the same brush when I failed to apply this same misbegotten standard to White Men?

Racism is not only actions, but thoughts and perceptions, the way we THINK about others different than we are, and it is deeply ingrained, even in Progressive Liberal Democrats like me. It's there, and tells me I have more work to do. On myself.

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