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The Life & Death of Wildchild Part II

A heartfelt thank you for the wave of support we received after the death of of our family cat Wildchild. For all those who might think, "It's just a cat," let me tell you, a family pet that you all are responsible for becomes an integral part of your family. You have to make sure they have food and water. "Wild" as I called her, was willing to eat her dry kibbles, but she liked them piled high. When they flattened out in the bowl, she would let us know, meowing until we followed her in the laundry room. If she had fingers, she would have pointed to the bowl, and looked up at you with her green eyes in the top of her head as if to say, "Uh, can you top this off for me...dumbass." I would put a handful of kibbles to round it off, and while I was down there grab her water bowl for a fresh supply.

Wild loved the outdoors. She would find me, and had a special meow that directed me to let her out. She would sit by the slider to the deck and I would always ask her, "You want out?" She would always answer with another meow and I would slide the door open. Now...if it was raining or cold and snowy, I would always tell her, "You don't want to go out there," but she would always insist. I would open the slider, she would stick her head out and stop, then turn around and go back into the kitchen. "Told you," my reply.

Sometimes she would go out and stay for a while, at other times, just be out for a few minutes, then stand by the door waiting to be let in. Every so often, just to mess with me she would stand there, I would open the door, and...she would just stand there unmoving. I would close the door. Five minutes later she would be back using her front paws to "walk the window" thump thump thump to let us know NOW she was ready to come in. Invariably five minutes later she was ready to go back out again, in and out and in and out. I think this amused her considerably.

In the evening she would jump up on the arm of my recliner expecting to be rubbed on the head, back, or belly, she loved that. When I was not in the mood, she would just lie there quietly or meow her requests for attention. Then she would go over to Coletta where she was guaranteed attention. She would invariably sit on her chest with her nose a few inches from Coletta's face to feel her warm breath. Push her down, she would inch her way back.

Most cats hate riding in the car, not Wild. She would climb on the laundry basket on the way to WV a five hour trip, and not move for...five hours. She would start to meow when we approached the destination, how she knew I know not. Then out she would go to explore for a few minutes before appearing at the door to go inside. She loved her mountain home, more places to explore.

Cats and other house pets, especially dogs, have their own personalities, and they interact with family members in their own unique ways, they connect. They may lack words, but their voices are heard and understood, just as their body language, a wagging tail or arched back tells you they love you, and appreciate what you do for them. And you love them back. And when their short lives come to an end, the sadness touches your heart, and they are missed...sorely.

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