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Interstate 95 Daytona 5000

Well now. I finally made it back from Florida and only got close to death once. Pretty good. Well twice actually, once going, once coming home. On the going trip, I was approaching a series of choices, to turn towards downtown Jacksonville (to the left) or to 95 South Daytona in letters bigger than a freaking breadbox. All the while there was this "merging" going on from the right. Now, for good measure the speed limit which had been 65 and even 70, slipped down to 60/55 and then 45 for this "Truth or Consequences" intersection. I slowed down to my usual 65, in large part because I had some Big Ass Humvee-looking GMC SUV so close on my tail I couldn't see his headlights. So here I am looking at this fool crowding me, I turn my eyes from rear view mirror to windshield to pick my exit, and lo and behold here is this goggle-faced, spiky haired Canuck (that's Canadian for you uniformed types) driving...wait for it 40 MILES PER HOUR. Now while this may only be 5 under the posted speed limit, when a giant SUV and a Jaguar XK8 are entering that same intersection at 25 miles ABOVE that speed, it makes for some fun. I immediately decide that if I don't go around this North Country fool who's trying to decide if she is going to take the Jacksonville turnoff, or head to Daytona, I will make the determination for her by shoving the front end of my sports car under the rear end of her Jeep. Not a good choice, mind you, so instead I pull to her left. Problem is the jerk behind me is PASSING ME. In what had to be a split second, I put pedal to the metal and 375 horses catapulted me our front of GMC guy, and around Spiky Canuck, probably at speeds approaching the sound barrier. when I spotted the tractor trailer merging from my right. Since I had already obtained light speed by then, I managed to get around all three to take the lead. My heart was pounding and I felt so glad to be behind the wheel of that beautiful car. Not bad driving for an old man either if I don't say.


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