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Death Race 2015

For those of you still interested in how I looked death in the eye twice on Interstate 95, today I faced Road Rage at it's worst. This convoy of morons, three of them who ignored the fact that cars were lined up for miles by weaving in and out of traffic. This one fool pulls into the extreme right lane, and then without pausing cuts across two lanes, the middle lane, and the one I was in lined up like circus elephants. When I saw this fool heading for the 8 feet of clearance between me and the guy I was following, I closed the gap to four feet. Didn't faze him a bit, he just kept coming, thinking, or assuming I should say (ass of you and me, dead ass that is) that I am going to put my tail between my legs and let him in. Wrong assumption. Still he was heading for the spot I was occupying and it's a law of physics that two items cannot occupy the same space at the same time, so I end up in the emergency lane. You know the one with the R..u...m..b..l..e strips and hubcaps and bumpers and parts of cars. Though I contemplated passing him and the three cars ahead of us in that lane, the prospect of flying debris and my $3000 paint job didn't jive, so yes... I backed off. Had a few choice words for that boy too. Lotta good it did me.

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