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Flight or Flight


Every human is wired for a protective response known as, “Fight or Flight.” It evolved from the genes of the cave men and women who came before us who knew when to run and when to stand their ground. The unfortunate ones who decided to “fight” the Sabre-tooth Tigers when they’d left their spears back in the cave, as well as the ones who ran (chose “flight”) when there was a good chance for a meal, all died off. Some ended up meals themselves, while others just withered away from lack of food.


Though modern men and women don’t have to deal with too many wild animals in their midst, they do have to deal with a variety of predators in today’s sometimes dangerous world. They lurk in the back alleys, urban ghettos, and yes, Virginia, in the Halls of Congress. As a political “animal” myself, I have had many years to observe the landscape, and know when to lie low, and when I need to move in an aggressive manner. My political life might be at stake.


I bring this all to bear because for too long members of my political party, the Democrats have taken the “high road” and ended up in the proverbial ditch, cast there by the Republican logging trucks spewing smoke and spraying oil in their journey to domination. One thing I have often wondered; if they are so against “big government” why the heck are they so eager to be a part of it?


Anyway, as the mid-term elections approach, I just want to remind my fellow Democrats that choosing to sit this one out (flight), instead of standing up for what we believe (fight), may not be the right course of action. Fight for what you believe in, I say, and let’s send these Neanderthals back to the caves from whence they came.

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