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Torture is Real. Real bad.

I wish the media would stop reporting "poll results" because it makes me wonder if they are "reporting them" or "creating them" especially when they keep showing these polls suggesting that, "72% of the American Public Support these Enhanced Interrogation Techniques under certain circumstances" as though that somehow makes it right. Because lots of people support it?! Lots of people watch reality TV and Professional Wrestling and that doesn't make it right or real. How can we truly call ourselves a FREE nation, when we support crimes against humanity carried out in our name?! To be truly FREE one is required to maintain the high ground, even in the most difficult of times and under the worst of circumstances, only then is a nation's true character revealed.

From the start of the Iraq War, I maintained that the George Bush Administration Squandered all the good faith our nation earned after 9-11. With each revelation about no WMD's and the violation of nations' sovereignty (killing it's women, children and non-combatants), to the slaughter on all sides as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan slogged on, and then the rise of Al Quaida, and The Taliban, and now ISIS and most recently the revealations that many of these "terrorists" were radicalized under the guiding hands of CIA torturers. Sadists who could care less about winning hearts and minds while they were only bent on destroying them. Where are the true patriots when we need them to put these evil men in their places, silencing them as the cowards they are, not giving them a platform to spout their lies and propaganda?

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