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Caring for Others

Some folks want no regulation of large corporations, but regulation of a person's sexual activity and child-bearing choices. Some people want prosperity (for them), but think if they got it, everyone else has the same opportunity to get it as well. These folks don't care who's suffering as long as it isn't their friends or family. Some folks who have health insurance could care less if other people's children, especially children of color or from other countries don't. And some people don't care about crime-free streets in the inner cities, just so long as it isn't on the street of their gated communities. Other folks, think corporations who violate the public trust by fouling our air and water for profit need to be regulated, and that a person's sexual choices (other than pedophilia and rape) should be their business and theirs alone. They understand that while some individuals have had many opportunities, others have not, and deserve consideration for their failures, and are willing to share a little of what they have with the less fortunate. We want our children to be healthy, and by "our" we mean ALL children in our country. By the same token, until every child is free from danger in their neighborhoods, no one should rest easy. It's not just about how to achieve these goals, it's wanting to achieve them in the first place.

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