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Why do you think they call them "Dreams"?

The other day a friend of mine sent out a Facebook message about a dream she had. It disturbed her and she wished she knew someone who could interpret it for her. She came to the right place. She dreamed that she was on a ranch, her ranch, and she was herding cattle with her hired hands, a group of handsome cowboys. When she woke up, she was in a panic, riddled with guilt because she hadn't even thought about her beloved husband and children. I messaged her and told her not to worry. The dream was wish fulfullment for her, her desire to be young and in control with no burdens or worries. She didn't think about her husband or children, because in that stage of her life she had none. Dreams are very much like Time Travel, to a place and time when we were young and carefree. I told her not to worry, she wasn't abandoning her family, she didn't have one at the time, and to sit back and enjoy.

I too have had dreams like that. I am young and handsome and have beautiful women fighting over me and never give a moment's thought to my current standing, a married man with children and grandchildren. In my dreams I am in my twenties when I had no wife, no children. I awake with a quiet longing, but satisfaction that I made the most of my single status, and then I married to have family, and have been a faithful husband and good father and grandfather. That doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy the days BC (before Coletta), and that I can't still enjoy them in my dreams. I mean why do you think they call them dreams?

In fact...I read only today, that when you lapse into deep sleep, your visual cortex, the one stimulated by your eyes, goes quiet, while the deeper parts of your imagination and visualization starts to fire up, giving you the vivid colors, impressions, and even emotions from deep within your subconscious. I'm told the St. John's Wort I take every afternoon may enhance my dreams. Every night when I lay my head down on my pillow I ask, "Where are we traveling tonight?"

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