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A Chance Encounter

We dropped Sade off at Volleyball Practice and decided to treat ourselves to some Italian food at Sal's. We ate our meal and had a very nice waitress. I heard her remark to someone that the gentleman and young lady seated behind us was her family. On our way out I glanced over and her nine-year old daughter looked up at me and her face broke into this huge smile of recognition as did mine. Her dad looked at me and smiled and asked kindly, how do you know my daughter? "Well she was in one of my third grade classes at Greensboro where I read this past year." She quickly added, "And he's the one who wrote the book!" His face also brightened, you're the author of "Newtown's Trees?" "Sure am," I confessed. "She just loves that book and she reads it to all her cousins. I have to admit, it make me cry, it was so emotional, what a great story." Then he called his wife over, "Honey, this is the man who wrote "Newtown's Trees." Her face also lit up. "Oh, it's so nice to meet you. She has several books signed by authors, but this is her favorite one."

My heart just glowed as I thanked them and said good bye. I may never make any money on this book, but it's things like this that make it so worth the time and effort to bring an idea to something you can hold in your hand and share with others. This young lady was the first in the three classrooms to ask where she could buy my book, and she was the first to bring in her money to make the purchase. I signed it and she held it to her heart. This is what makes being an author so very very special.

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