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For Ruby the Great Great Great Kid.

Funny thing Ruby, but your mom Darien wanted to have a child, a little girl, so she could name her; RUBY. Ruby was your....Great, Great, Grandmother's name. Sounds like she was pretty special, being not only Great, but two Greats and a Grand. Wow. I never met Ruby the first, but I heard LOTS about her. How she liked to smash bats that slept behind the shutters that used to hang next to the windows of Minnetonka. "RUN STELLA LUNA RUN! (or better) FLY STELLA LUNA FLY here comes that batty old lady with the big mallet."

I heard how Ruby's husband was all serious and stuff, and Ruby was like a wild bull. In fact MY grandmother (who was Ruby the first's good friend) once told me Ruby rode a real bull in a parade. That was pretty cool, but when your mom showed me the picture! It was just amazingly, excitedly, fantastically, unbelievabley COOL!

I did get to meet your grandmother Joan, your mom's mom. Guess what!? MY mom's name is Joan too. Different Joan. When she was little she used to play with Joan's mom Mary at the lake, just like you and Lily and Ali do now. How cool is that!? I also got to meet your grandmother Mary Montgomery and her sister Doris Harris. They were both very different ladies but both very nice. My guess is that Mary took after her dad, while Doris was more like Ruby the Wild One. you know why I was so exicted and acting so crazy when I got to see your mom Darien and YOU! Ruby the Second. And how happy I was to see you were so smart, and so cool too. I know you said you didn't like me. More than once. A couple of times. But you know what. You didn't hurt my feelings. You know why? Cause I know you were just giving me a hard time. Just like your Great...Great...Grand....mother Ruby, who didn't take nothin' from nobody. Pleasure to meet you. Your pal, Frank

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