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Establishing a Work Ethic-Conclusion

Reaching Out to Others in Need

Let me say that when folks work hard for their money, they are not as likely or willing to just turn it over to someone who has not. Still, if you're a bleeding heart liberal like my wife and I, you put your judgment aside as you buy shoes for a kid who has holes in theirs, or a jacket for one who comes to school without one. You send care packages home with kids who are seen asking for food at the lunch table, and you donate money to a number of worthy causes.

Sharing what you don't need

When you have more than enough, you are willing to share it. And every time you start to judge them…you stop for a moment and think about all the advantages you had growing up. The nice house, your own room, the decent clothes, the vacations, the family meals, the mom who helped you fill out college applications and always set the expectation that you would go, and made sure there was money to pay for it.

Out of the Nest with Advantages

By the time I completed my undergraduate degree with no job in sight, I knew I had to start to make my own way, working at construction jobs and factory jobs for a full year before I started graduate school with an assistantship and part time job to finance it. I worked hard, but I always had "advantages", people who helped me get to where I am today. Not everybody has this, and should not be judged for the circumstances they were sadly born into; alcoholic parents, divorce, domestic violence, poverty, substandard housing, poor nutrition, etc. etc. That my own two children failed to take advantage of all we provided them in the way of opportunity, makes it all that more important that I no longer contribute to their lack of initiative. That would be enabling. Sometimes the best lessons are the most difficult to accept in the short run, and turn out to be the most valuable in the long run.

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