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Frank L. Miller


Frank L. Miller is a writer and trained school psychologist. He earned an educational specialist degree in school psychology, and practiced for thirty-eight years before retiring in 2012. Frank adopted his son and daughter after marrying their mother, an elementary guidance counselor, and then adopted his daughter’s first-born child when she was unable to raise the child. The author lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland  for 32 years with his wife before moving to West Virginia.  Their granddaughter,  whom they raised from age two,  is studying to be a Therapist. Newtown’s Trees is Frank’s second publication, having written a book chronicling the battle he fought with his school district over his eldest daughter’s drug abuse and expulsion from school.

I haven't read a 600 page book in 20 years, but I read No Good Deed in two weeks. Well done!

Dr. Christopher Willis Ph.D. NCSP


Newtown's Trees is written with both wisdom and compassion in a child-accessible format.

Amanda Courie Denton Library Children's Director

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